Tactical Decision Games: Going Forward

Over the last few months I’ve been reposting my old Tactical Decision Games (TDGs) from American Partisan. For those who are not familiar, a TDG is a mental wargaming exercise designed to get you practice making tactically sound decisions in a hypothetical scenario.  The ability to make sound and timely decisions based off incomplete andContinue reading “Tactical Decision Games: Going Forward”

The Jäger Course

During my time in the Marine Corps, I spent a lot of long field ops living out of my backpack. This was the case in every unit I served with, from a division COC to an infantry regiment to ANGLICO teams. As an amphibious expeditionary force, Marines never get too attached to our vehicles, andContinue reading “The Jäger Course”

TDG 10 Recon Results Featuring Badlands Rifleman

In last week’s Tactical Decision Game, you were assigned to plan your reconnaissance of your objective based on the Requests for Information (RFIs) that you came up with in TDG 9. Badlands Rifleman (who has a pretty cool blog and training company of his own) submitted a very detailed reconnaissance plan which he posted onContinue reading “TDG 10 Recon Results Featuring Badlands Rifleman”

Squad Organization

One of my biggest goals for the classes that I teach and the articles that I write is to get patriotic Americans in the mindset of working with others in a team. A key element of this is learning how to task-organize a group into an effective squad, which is something I cover in theContinue reading “Squad Organization”

The Minuteman’s Guide to Countering Armored Vehicles

Since the first tanks and armored cars appeared on the battlefields of WWI Europe, infantrymen have been forced to find ways to deal with them. The modern minuteman is no different, and any prolonged civil conflict in the United States is bound to see armored vehicles used in one form or another. I’m not evenContinue reading “The Minuteman’s Guide to Countering Armored Vehicles”

Guardian Angel; The Covert Overwatch Position

The concept of a “guardian angel” was taught to me by the Marine Corps very early in my career, and I had the opportunity to observe its use in many different contexts. While the idea of an overwatch position is not a uniquely Marine concept, I believe that the Corps’ take on the subject meritsContinue reading “Guardian Angel; The Covert Overwatch Position”

On Weapon-Mounted Lasers Part II

In Part I, I briefly covered how to use and zero weapon-mounted aiming lasers. Today I will discuss the tactics and techniques of night fighting, with and without lasers, in the face of an adversary who is similarly equipped. Laser Discipline Rule number one of wearing night vision is to not assume that you areContinue reading “On Weapon-Mounted Lasers Part II”

Combined Arms for the Minuteman

The term “combined arms” conjures up images of tanks advancing with aircraft screaming overhead and infantry charging in front. While this is one modern, conventional form of a combined arms technique, it is far from the only one. And just because the modern Minuteman has limited types of arms available does not mean that heContinue reading “Combined Arms for the Minuteman”

The Anti-Materiel Rifle (AMR) Part II: Employment and Tactics

Originally posted on American Partisan Part I of this two-part series established the importance of the AMR in your team’s arsenal (you do have a team, right?). In other words, Part I was the “why.” In this article I will explain the “how” by covering how to outfit your AMR team, what kind of trainingContinue reading “The Anti-Materiel Rifle (AMR) Part II: Employment and Tactics”