Training Courses


Team Leader I: Learn how organize, train, and lead a group of riflemen to make a cohesive team. Click here for more information.

Team Leader II: A deep dive into mission planning, combat leadership, and small unit tactics. This class takes Team Leader I graduates to the next level. Click here for more information.

Minuteman Class: Shoot, move, communicate. Learn how to function as a modern Minuteman to help your neighbors in times of civil disorder. In this 3-day class, you will learn what it takes to coordinate a team of Minutemen and practice the techniques in several force-on-force scenarios. Click here for more information.

Support Weapons Class: Learn how to use a semi-auto carbine in a suppressing fire role and a .50 BMG rifle to defeat hardened targets such as armored vehicles. Click here for more information.

Jäger Course: 5 days, 5 nights. Just you, your squad, and what’s in your pack. This is the ultimate immersive light infantry experience. The entire class is conducted in a simulated extended patrol in the field, slowly increasing in intensity as you learn how to live and operate as a true Jäger. Click here for more information.