Minuteman vs. Jäger: A Tale of Two Paradigms

In a previous article, I wrote about training paradigms. Basically, everybody has that one scenario in their mind that they are preparing themselves for with their gear and training. That paradigm is the lens through which we view all our tactical inputs, and shapes everything we do in training and preparation. In my experience talkingContinue reading “Minuteman vs. Jäger: A Tale of Two Paradigms”

Gear Standardization for Prepared Citizen Groups

If you look at a photograph of a squad of US Marines, you will see that everyone has the same uniform, weapons, optics, and load-bearing equipment (excluding special weapons like automatic rifles). This is partly due to logistical simplicity of the military buying a single piece of kit for everyone, and partly due to effectivenessContinue reading “Gear Standardization for Prepared Citizen Groups”