Jäger Course 23-1 Gear AAR

This past week was the first Jäger Course. I’ve been looking forward to this class for a long time, and it was my great pleasure to finally teach it. Over the course of 5 days and 4 nights, 8 students and I lived out of our packs and slept under our tarp shelters. An aggressiveContinue reading “Jäger Course 23-1 Gear AAR”

Mike’s Jäger Kit, 2023 Edition

Last year, I wrote a series of articles on my “Jäger Kit”, the equipment that I carry for light infantry operations and extended patrolling. However, one’s equipment is a constant evolution as you find things that work better for you, and I am no exception. And with the Jäger Course coming up in a month,Continue reading “Mike’s Jäger Kit, 2023 Edition”

How to Add an AK Bayonet to Your Gear

I recently purchased an AKM bayonet to replace the Ka-Bar I carry on my belt (I know, I can already feel the thousands of knife hands pointed at the screen as my jarhead brethren call me a traitor, lol). My reasons for this were as follows: However, there are no commercially available options (in stock,Continue reading “How to Add an AK Bayonet to Your Gear”

Gear Snobbery and the Principle of Diminishing Returns

I have a good friend who goes by “BoltBoy.” Solid guy, he also designs and sells some cool Baofeng accessories. One day BoltBoy went to a precision rifle competition. Active duty and former scout snipers were among the competition, most of them sporting some very expensive weapons. One shooter even had a weather meter thatContinue reading “Gear Snobbery and the Principle of Diminishing Returns”

“Mission Essential”; Planning your Personal Logistics in the Field

If you read my article about how to pack a ruck, you have a good idea how to choose what gear to take on a patrol. The next step is determining what you need to take in order to keep that gear working for you. Many items that we carry have consumable components that mustContinue reading ““Mission Essential”; Planning your Personal Logistics in the Field”

Jäger Loadouts: The Team Leader

The Team Leader is a specialist of sorts. His primary weapon is not his carbine, it is his team; the men to his left and right. His loadout is therefore tailored to support his handling of his primary weapon. Today I will describe what a Jäger Team Leader should carry at all times and whatContinue reading “Jäger Loadouts: The Team Leader”

The Rifleman’s Essentials

I’ve helped many people set up their combat equipment over the years, from family to students to fellow Marines. Earlier I wrote an article entitled “Priorities of Purchase: Progressively Building a Rifleman’s Kit on a Budget“, in which I laid out the order in which an aspiring rifleman should purchase gear. In that article IContinue reading “The Rifleman’s Essentials”

On Rifle Slings

One of the most important accessories to have for a rifle is a good sling. It saves your arms from getting fatigued carrying the rifle, frees your hands for other tasks, and helps you maintain readiness by keeping your rifle handy. Today I’ll list the three types of rifle slings with their pros and cons,Continue reading “On Rifle Slings”

My Water Procurement Kit

As I mentioned in my article on how to pack a ruck, water is one of the 4 basic needs for survival in the field. However, water is heavy, and if you are going to be in the field for several days it is not desirable to carry all of the water that you willContinue reading “My Water Procurement Kit”

How to Make a Skivvy Roll

This is a little fieldcraft trick that the Marine Corps taught me. When you go to the field for several days at a time, it is rarely necessary to pack a full change of clothes. You really only need to change out the base layers of clothing that are in direct contact with your skinContinue reading “How to Make a Skivvy Roll”