Dedicated to training and enabling a new generation of patriots

In 1778, Major General Von Steuben came to America from Prussia to assist George Washington.  During the summer of 1778, Von Steuben trained Washington’s personal guards (about 120 men) as a model company, teaching them professional military drills as well as using them to demonstrate to Washington’s commanders how to train their own men.   In so doing, he increased the professionalism and skill of the Continental Army across the board, largely contributing to their successes later in the war.

​My name is Mike, I’m the owner and Chief Instructor of Von Steuben Training and Consulting (VSTAC) located in Eastern North Carolina.  My mission is to equip the modern American Patriot with the training he needs to protect our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

I specialize in team-based tactical training.  You don’t plan to fight alone, so you shouldn’t train alone either.  In my classes you will train to shoot, move, and communicate as a small unit with other students.  Very few tactical trainers offer this type of instruction to civilians, which is unfortunate because it is so critical to the “well regulated militia” that our founders envisioned.

I strive to lower barriers to training.  You don’t need an expensive rifle or the latest gear to get trained.  All of my classes can be done with as little as a rifle, a notebook, and minimal (if any) ammo requirements. 

I look forward to training with you.  Until then, keep your head on a swivel and your rifle within reach.  God bless you, and may God bless America.


General Von Steuben

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