How to Add an AK Bayonet to Your Gear

I recently purchased an AKM bayonet to replace the Ka-Bar I carry on my belt (I know, I can already feel the thousands of knife hands pointed at the screen as my jarhead brethren call me a traitor, lol). My reasons for this were as follows: However, there are no commercially available options (in stock,Continue reading “How to Add an AK Bayonet to Your Gear”

Support Weapons Class AAR

This past weekend was the first Support Weapons Class, held in North Carolina. It was a small class, but it was worth it to smooth out the rough edges of the class. Here’s a brief summary of events, along with some pictures I took along the way. Day 1 focused on weapons handling and firingContinue reading “Support Weapons Class AAR”

The Minuteman’s Guide to Countering Armored Vehicles

Since the first tanks and armored cars appeared on the battlefields of WWI Europe, infantrymen have been forced to find ways to deal with them. The modern minuteman is no different, and any prolonged civil conflict in the United States is bound to see armored vehicles used in one form or another. I’m not evenContinue reading “The Minuteman’s Guide to Countering Armored Vehicles”

On Weapon-Mounted Lasers Part I

Night vision devices (NVDs) are game-changing pieces of kit. The ability to see in very low light situations is invaluable, but the military discovered that it is almost impossible for troops to use their weapon sights while wearing NVDs. This is when weapon-mounted lasers came into being. We’ve come a long way since the PEQ-2Continue reading “On Weapon-Mounted Lasers Part I”

How to Use Shooting Competitions for Training

Shooting competitions come in many different forms. Cowboy action matches, USPSA pistol matches, run and gun events, etc. Using competitions to improve shooting skill is a wonderful American tradition. However, there is a tendency in the competitive shooting community to lean very hard into the competitive aspect at the cost of realism or training value.Continue reading “How to Use Shooting Competitions for Training”

The Automatic Rifle Part I

Originally posted on American Partisan, revised December 2022. There’s a reason every 4-man fire team in the US military has an automatic rifle; it’s a potent force multiplier. And while we as civilians don’t have common access to full-auto weaponry, it is possible to use a semi-auto weapon to fill the role of a full-autoContinue reading “The Automatic Rifle Part I”

The Anti-Materiel Rifle (AMR) Part II: Employment and Tactics

Originally posted on American Partisan Part I of this two-part series established the importance of the AMR in your team’s arsenal (you do have a team, right?). In other words, Part I was the “why.” In this article I will explain the “how” by covering how to outfit your AMR team, what kind of trainingContinue reading “The Anti-Materiel Rifle (AMR) Part II: Employment and Tactics”

The Anti-Materiel Rifle (AMR): Part I

Originally posted on American Partisan. Three weeks into the collapse, and you’re standing guard duty at the gate to your subdivision. You’re on watch with your next-door neighbor, AR-15s slung across your chests as you man the ECP (Entry Control Point). Suddenly you hear the “SNAP SNAP SNAP” of bullets flying past your heads, you’reContinue reading “The Anti-Materiel Rifle (AMR): Part I”