Minuteman vs. Jäger: A Tale of Two Paradigms

In a previous article, I wrote about training paradigms. Basically, everybody has that one scenario in their mind that they are preparing themselves for with their gear and training. That paradigm is the lens through which we view all our tactical inputs, and shapes everything we do in training and preparation. In my experience talkingContinue reading “Minuteman vs. Jäger: A Tale of Two Paradigms”

The Rifleman’s Creed; Warrior Ethos

Many people know of the Rifleman’s Creed from the movie “Full Metal Jacket”, in the scene where the recruits had to recite it from their bunks in boot camp. Written in 1942 by Marine General William H. Rupertus, the creed represents a key element of the unique warrior culture that permeates the Marine Corps. WeContinue reading “The Rifleman’s Creed; Warrior Ethos”

Light Infantry; Context and Relevance

Artwork: “Marine Recon” by Huy Nguyen In February of this year I wrote an article about the history of Jägers and light infantry. In that article I advocated that American patriots become students of light infantry tactics and operating methods. However, over the last several months it has come to my attention that there areContinue reading “Light Infantry; Context and Relevance”

General Von Steuben: The Man who Trained Washington’s Army

Today, September 17, is Baron Von Steuben’s birthday. Von Steuben played a key role in the American Revolution, and has been revered ever since for his contributions to our victory against the British. In honor of his service, I would like to write a brief summary of the life and accomplishments of this man whoContinue reading “General Von Steuben: The Man who Trained Washington’s Army”

A brief History of Jägers and Light Infantry

As some of you may already know, I am planning to offer the 5-day Jäger Course in the coming years. The Jäger Course will be an immersive light infantry training experience, in which students will learn to work as small squad-sized elements, living for a week out of just what they carry in their packs.Continue reading “A brief History of Jägers and Light Infantry”