Team Leader I (2-day) $300

Team Leader I is a 2-day non-firing course of instruction designed to teach students to be effective small-unit leaders. Students learn how to organize, plan, and lead training to mold a group of willing volunteers into a cohesive fighting force. Throughout the class you will lead a team of fellow students in a series of battle drills to get the experience you need to apply what you’ve learned on your own.

Topics covered:

  • Small unit organization
  • How to make a training schedule
  • How to coordinate and lead local training events
  • Basic Leadership
  • Fire and Movement drills
  • Intro to day/night patrolling
  • Coordinating fire and maneuver
  • Defensive operations
  • Intro to mission planning

Packing List

Note: It is important to train like you fight, so you can discover weak points in your setup. While I can train you with minimal equipment, you will get more out of the class if you run everything that you plan to use in an actual combat situation.

Bare Minimum

  • Rifle (whatever is your primary, go-to long gun) 
  • At least 3 EMPTY magazines
  • Long-sleeve shirt and heavy-duty pants
  • boots
  • personal water supply (canteens, camelback, nalgene, etc.)
  • Notepad and pen
  • Whatever you need to spend a night or two camping in the woods
  • food for 2 days
  • camp chair

Highly Recommended​

  • Load bearing gear (LBV, plate carrier, chest rig, etc.)
  • personal medical gear (IFAK, tourniquets)
  • tactical gloves
  • handheld radio
  • anything you expect to wear or carry into combat
  • clean clothes (expect to get dirty/wet/muddy)
  • bug spray
  • watch
  • knife/bayonet
  • flashlight/headlamp
  • NVG/Thermal optics
  • Bible