Jäger Course (5-day) $800

The Jäger Course is an immersive 5-day training event where students live out of their packs and learn how to conduct missions as unsupported light infantry. The entire week is spent outdoors simulating an extended patrol. Class starts Monday morning and ends Saturday morning with a warrior’s breakfast and awards ceremony.

Topics covered:

Land navigation
Water filtration/purification
Covert vehicle insertion/extraction
Field shelter construction
Field sanitation
Small unit tactics (ambushes, raids, defense)
Observation posts
And more!

Packing List:

Note: You will be carrying everything with you all week. Ensure that you have space for it on your kit, in your pockets, or in your pack. Look for ways to lighten your weight as much as possible while still keeping the minimum requirements.

  • Rifle (preferably 5.56 with A2 flash hider for use with blanks)
    • A sling
    • 200 rds (NO tracers or steel core M855)
  • Appropriate clothes for running around in the woods
  • Camouflage face paint/balaclava
  • Hat/helmet
  • Hiking boots and good socks
  • bug spray
  • Compass (preferably lensatic)
  • Flashlight, red lens capable (headlamps are best)
  • Combat gear (run what you got) with at least the following:
    • 3-10 magazines for your rifle
    • 1/2 gallon (3 liters) of water (2x 1qt canteens OR 1x camelback)
    • 1 tourniquet
  • Main pack with the following (aim for less than 45lbs without water):
    • Water sterilization method (iodine, UV purifier, small bottle of bleach, filter, etc.)
    • Tarp/GI Casualty blanket for shelter
    • 50ft of paracord
    • 2 liters (or 1/2 gal) of additional water MINIMUM
    • food for 5 days (preferably food that can be eaten cold)
    • Personal hygiene kit (toilet paper, baby wipes/microfiber cloth, toothbrush/toothpaste, and deodorant at minimum)
    • sleeping bag/blanket in waterproof sack
    • foam sleeping pad
    • 2x skivvy rolls (spare t-shirt, socks, and underwear) in waterproof sack/ziploc bags
    • spare batteries in waterproof container/ziploc bag
    • Entrenching tool/field shovel
    • Rifle cleaning kit

Optional but recommended:

  • Small assault pack (inside or clipped to main pack)
  • personal camouflage items
  • field knife/bayonet
  • Force multipliers (drones, night vision, thermals, SIGINT equipment)
  • Radio/walkie talkie
  • Bible