Team Leader II (3-day) $500

This class builds on the skills learned in the Team Leader Class and adds a heavy emphasis on mission planning and tactics.  Students learn the full spectrum of troop leading tasks, including:

Mission selection
Mission planning
Route selection
Operations order creation
Leading rehearsals
Tactical decision making
Combat leadership

Students will get practice planning and conducting missions in the face of a living, thinking enemy.  Team Leader I, while recommended, is not a prerequisite for this class.

Packing List

  • Rifle, preferably 5.56 with A2 flash hider for use with blank firing adapter
    • If not running a 5.56 rifle, bring 300 blanks in whatever caliber you run
  • eye protection (glasses or goggles)
  • ear protection
  • Your combat gear (run what you got)
  • Appropriate clothing for running around in the woods
  • Notepad and pen
  • Camping equipment (most of this class will be outdoors)
  • Food for 3 days
  • camp chair

Optional Gear

  • Force multipliers (drones, night vision, radios, etc.)
  • Bible