Announcing the Jäger Course!

Gentlemen, it’s finally here! After over a year of refinement, scheduling conflicts, and prayer, I am pleased to announce that the long awaited Jäger Course is finally on the training schedule for May 8-13, 2023!

The Jäger Course is an immersive 5-day training event where you will survive off of only what’s in your pack, live in patrol bases, and learn how to conduct missions as unsupported light infantry. The entire week is spent outdoors simulating an extended patrol. Class starts Monday and ends Saturday morning with a warrior’s breakfast and awards ceremony.

Topics covered:

Land navigation
Water filtration/purification
Covert vehicle insertion/extraction
Field shelter construction
Field sanitation
Small unit tactics (ambushes, raids, defense)
Observation posts
And more!

Light infantry is supposed to be just that; light. Your pack should weigh no more than 45 pounds dry (without water) for this course while still holding everything you need for a week in the field. We tend to pack way too many items that we think are necessities but are really comfort items, making our packs weigh more than necessary. Take a hard look at your gear, find the unnecessary items, and trim the fat.

I do not intend to break anybody off during this course. That said, you will need to be prepared to hike with your rifle, kit, and pack for 2-3 miles a day. I will be monitoring students during this course for excessive fatigue, and I reserve the right to remove students from the class if I believe they are at risk of a heat-related injury. Don’t let this scare you, 2-3 miles with 45 pounds is easy, just make sure you practice beforehand to toughen up your feet a bit.

The full course description and packing list can be found here. Registration is $800. Contact me to reserve your spot.

Published by vonsteubentraining

Mike is the owner and chief instructor of Von Steuben Training & Consulting (VSTAC). A self-described “Tactical Scholar,” he spent 6 years in the Marine Corps as a radio operator and small-unit tactics instructor. He has dedicated his life to honing the tactical prowess of himself and his fellow patriots, guided by the wisdom of his commanding officer, Jesus Christ. He can be contacted via email at

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