Creating a Personal Training Schedule

In the Team Leader Class, one of the things I teach students is how to make a team training plan.  Today I will endeavor to show you how to create a personal training plan so that you as an individual can seek self-improvement. Identifying Your Mission You should start your training journey with a goal in mind.  It’sContinue reading “Creating a Personal Training Schedule”

Priorities of Purchase; Progressively Building a Rifleman’s Kit on a Budget 2022 Edition

WARNING: Opinion If you’re just starting out into building up a fighting kit, all of the info out there can be pretty overwhelming. The natural tendency is to focus on the cool-looking points of your gear, but this can be counter-productive, especially when you have a fixed income. For example, it’s natural to immediately buyContinue reading “Priorities of Purchase; Progressively Building a Rifleman’s Kit on a Budget 2022 Edition”

Minuteman 4 Chest Rig Review

A few months ago I wrote a series on my Jäger Kit, describing how I set up my belt kit, chest rig, and pack for light infantry-style operations requiring an extended field stay of a week or so.  About a month later I bought a customized Minuteman 4 chest rig from UW Gear, and I have spent the meantime testing it duringContinue reading “Minuteman 4 Chest Rig Review” A Free Tactical Map Tool

A contact of mine in the military aviation community recently introduced me to  It’s a free tool to quickly make tactical maps designed for CAS pilots to plan missions, training events, and tabletop exercises.  Opening the website brings you to a map of the US that allows you to zoom in to any location, initiallyContinue reading “ A Free Tactical Map Tool”

Von Steuben T&C Sends: How to Set Up a Map Board for Battle Tracking

Whether you’re standing up a neighborhood protection team, security at your homestead, or even just monitoring protest/riot activity in your area, you should make a map board and set it up so you can keep track of events as they unfold.  There are many ways to do this, the following is what I have usedContinue reading “Von Steuben T&C Sends: How to Set Up a Map Board for Battle Tracking”

Hiking with a Combat Load 5 Miles a Day for 5 Days

Hiking is one of the most ancient forms of exercise known to man.  And for an infantryman, it’s irreplaceable.  Especially if you’re training to use light infantry tactics as a modern American Minuteman. This week I’ve decided to do an experiment of hiking 5 miles every day for 5 days.  It’s not a long distance, norContinue reading “Hiking with a Combat Load 5 Miles a Day for 5 Days”

Tactically Communicating

Yesterday I went to a local airsoft field with a buddy of mine.  We train regularly together on a lot of things such as fieldcraft, marksmanship, radio testing, etc.  We also occasionally go to airsoft matches as a force-on-force supplement to our normal training.  Sure, it’s not the most realistic type of training, but thereContinue reading “Tactically Communicating”