TDG 10: Troop Leading Steps Part II: Arrange & Make Reconnaissance

Originally posted on American Partisan on April 18, 2021

I started this series, TDG (Tactical Decision Game) Tuesdays, to get you more in the mindset of how you could potentially handle a given tactical scenario with a limited amount of resources and manpower. My goal is to get you to read these scenarios and think about what resources you have available, what sort of scenarios you might encounter, and what gaps you need to fill in your equipment/training.

Last week, I started a new mini-series on the six troop leading steps, abbreviated as BAMCIS.

Begin Planning
Arrange Recon
Make Recon
Complete the Plan
Issue the Order

Over the next few weeks, the TDGs will be a successive continuation of the same exercise in which you will go over the complete planning and execution of a squad-sized raid on an objective, while following the 6 troop leading steps listed above. If you haven’t already, read TDG 9 for the orientation and scenario that this week builds on.

Once your initial plan is drawn up and you have created a list of RFIs (requests for information), you will arrange for and conduct a preliminary reconnaissance to answer as many of your RFIs as possible before you make your final plan of action.

TDG 10: Arrange & Make Reconnaissance

This week’s TDG covers the second and third steps, Arrange Recon and Make Recon. Last week you came up with a rough plan of action and a list of RFIs for your recon team. This week you will plan and conduct your recon patrol to gather intel so you can complete your assault plan.

Reconnaissance should always seek to answer specific RFIs about the enemy, terrain, and any other details relevant to your operation. Keep those in mind while you draw up your recon plan.

I’ve created a scale 3D model of the terrain and enemy position using the ArmA III mission editor. Your assignment is to make your recon plan, designed to answer your RFIs from TDG 9. You can then use the results of your reconnaissance next week to draft your final plan to accomplish your mission.

When I originally ran this TDG in 2021, I had readers submit their recon plans and I sent them pictures showing what their recon team(s) saw. Unfortunately, that level of interaction is very time consuming for me, and I cannot get to everybody’s submissions. Instead, I will post the recon photos in next week’s TDG where you finalize your plan.

In your recon plans, be sure to include the following information at a minimum:

  • Size & organization of recon team
  • RFI list from last week’s TDG (listing what questions your recon seeks to answer)
  • if emplacing an observation post (OP), the approximate grid location of your OP
  • route to and from your OP, including checkpoints

Feel free to post your answers and discuss in the comments below. If you like these TDGs and want to develop your planning skills further, come to a class and get trained.

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Mike is the owner and chief instructor of Von Steuben Training & Consulting (VSTAC). A self-described “Tactical Scholar,” he spent 6 years in the Marine Corps as a radio operator and small-unit tactics instructor. He has dedicated his life to honing the tactical prowess of himself and his fellow patriots, guided by the wisdom of his commanding officer, Jesus Christ. He can be contacted via email at

4 thoughts on “TDG 10: Troop Leading Steps Part II: Arrange & Make Reconnaissance

  1. I’d send two, two man recon teams. Each team would be comprised of a team leader with their NODs and the rifleman.

    Team one would move to checkpoint one at 061 202 and establish an observation post in the trees east of the dump to answer RFIs and asses viability of assulting from that position. Continue on to Checkpoint two at 057 198 due south of fuel depot to answer RFI and assess as assaulting position.

    Team two would head to checkpoint one at 054 203 to the NW of the fuel depot- observe & assess viability of assaulting from that position and answer RFIs. Team would then move to checkpoint at 058 205 tp pbserve and assess feasibility of assaulting from north.

    Report back in 30 hours


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