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I started this series, TDG (Tactical Decision Game) Tuesdays, to get you more in the mindset of how you could potentially handle a given tactical scenario with a limited amount of resources and manpower. My goal is to get you to read these scenarios and think about what resources you have available, what sort of scenarios you might encounter, and what gaps you need to fill in your equipment/training.

I will use the basic 5-paragraph operations order format, or SMEAC, to present the scenario as follows;

Situation: Disposition of all friendly, hostile, and adjacent forces.
Mission: What we are trying to do.
Execution: How we are going to do it.
Admin & Logistics: Who/what is getting where and how.
Command & Signal: Who is in charge and how they are communicating.


Situation: Guerrilla Warfare Scenario. You are a PLA (Chinese) Lieutenant Colonel in charge of a rear area where your troops have been subject to ambushes by a local guerrilla force. You command a logistics battalion, but division has granted you additional units to help secure the region.

  • OPFOR Situation: Enemy guerrillas are operating in your AOR and have proven to be quite a thorn in your side over the last few weeks. They recently ambushed a supply convoy that was your responsibility to protect, destroying vital ammunition and fuel headed to the front lines in the North. Their strength is unknown, but estimated to be between 15-30. Previous attempts to pursue them have been fruitless, as they seem to vanish into the countryside once your troops try to counterattack.
  • BLUFOR (PLA) Situation: Your AOR is Shannon County, Missouri. Your Logistics FOB is located near the town of Eminence at the location marked on the map. You command the PLA 27th Logistics Battalion* with about 1,000 organic personnel, including FOB and convoy security detachments. In light of recent guerrilla attacks, division HQ has granted you what units could be spared to assist you in securing your AOR.
  • Independents Situation: You have limited proxy support in your area. Indigenous Law Enforcement agencies seem to be cooperating thus far, but you suspect that certain of them may be feeding intel to the guerrillas. You also have the support of the local ANTIFA chapter, comprised of about 50 volunteers, which our embedded trainers are doing a good job of arming, training, and indoctrinating to function as semi-autonomous pro-China militias.

Mission: To destroy or force to disband the local guerrilla band in order to stop the attacks on PLA convoys and security forces.

Execution: Up to you. Determine how you will use your available forces to accomplish the mission.

Admin & Logistics: In addition to your organic supply personnel, the following units have been assigned to your command:

  • light motorized rifle company at 70% strength, sent back from the front (30% casualties are generally considered enough to render a unit “destroyed” or at least “combat ineffective”)
  • A SIGINT detachment with radio direction-finding and jamming vehicles
  • 2 additional ISR drones, capable of 50 hours continuous flight time in ideal weather, with visual and thermal cameras
  • A 15-man team from the “Night Tigers” special forces group, specializing in counter-terrorism operations.

Command & Signal: You retain operational command and control of all of your detachments except the “Night Tigers” SOF team, which operates autonomously. You can communicate with your units via a combination of SATCOM, HF, and VHF line of sight radios, detailed comm plans will be drawn up by your communications officer as needed.

As you can probably tell, this week’s TDG is a sequel to TDG 5: Convoy Ambush. Any time you take action against an enemy, especially successful action, expect them to react to your operations by making some sort of change. You should try to anticipate these changes by putting yourself in the enemy commander’s shoes, like I’m having you do in this scenario. You can then be prepared to adapt to the enemy’s changes quickly. This is a never-ending cycle in counterinsurgency operations (abbreviated COIN), and really all forms of war. The most flexible commander almost always prevails.

Feel free to post your answers and discuss. Stay tuned for the recap next Monday!

*Fictitious unit based off OSINT about PLA and USA logistics structure.

Published by vonsteubentraining

Mike is the owner and chief instructor of Von Steuben Training & Consulting (VSTAC). A self-described “Tactical Scholar,” he spent 6 years in the Marine Corps as a radio operator and small-unit tactics instructor. He has dedicated his life to honing the tactical prowess of himself and his fellow patriots, guided by the wisdom of his commanding officer, Jesus Christ. He can be contacted via email at

10 thoughts on “TDG 6: COIN

  1. my primary objective will be to draw out the guerrilla force with a target they will want to ambush so we can get the ISR drones on them and track them home.

    i will notify the local police departments that my ANTIFA militia is going to be doing training maneuvers along the current river west of echo bluff state park. they will be broken into 3 squads of 15 with a 5 person command/support team. they will be camped at echo bluff camp ground. each squad will take turns practicing land nav and bushcraft along the river and mountains around it. i hope that this info will get leaked to the guerrilla and that they won’t miss the opportunity to strike at the militia force. if they do decide to strike i will assume they do some kind of recon on the camp ground and identify the pattern of groups of 15 going into the woods. if they are committed to striking at the militia a small size like this will hopefully be irresistible.

    i chose this area as there are lots of access roads around the river so the sigint detachment, drones, and motorized company can be vehicle mounted and get close to the site of the ambush quickly. i would have the militia stay on the north side of the river to be closer to access roads so a qrf could get close by vehicle.

    there is a charcoal plant up rt 19 from the area the militia will be operating in. i would station my qrf of a couple squads from the motor inf company and the isr/signit assets at the timber charcoal plant up the rt 19. that would put them at most 6 miles from a close approach to the site of the ambush.

    if i can draw them out and track with either sigint or ISR drones i would get the intel to the night tigers asap so they could plan a raid before the guerrilla went to ground. we’d provide them whatever support they need from our assets.


  2. firestormxvii,
    your going to ‘notify the local police departments that my ANTIFA militia is going to be doing training’?
    HA HA. yea, hell, see how that that works out with the locals when then they find out. you will get more training than you want. like how to get your ass beaten to a pulp with axe handles and go to the fucking hospital. do you know how to spell broken bones? band aids won’t fix what will come down on you outside of a blue city. never doubt that.
    people are really tired of that shit.
    the word is out to the Cajuns. ANTIFA taste good. the limit is one and the season closed yesterday.
    there won’t be any of you left in a week.


    1. You are missing the point entirely. This is a discussion (wargaming) about how OpFor could operate in a COIN scenario and how to counter it.

      Basically, he’s saying he would serve up the ANTIFA crowd as bait, in order to attempt to draw out, and identify, the guerrilla forces


  3. I would use the SigInt team to RDF any radio traffic while the Night Tigers look for “sign” at each of the ambush sites. The light motorized company can continue training the Antifa militia and act as a QRF when needed. Once radio signals have been found and triangulated, then use the ISR drones to follow up and then have them followed up on via a mixed group of lt. motorized and night Tigers. This would turn into a search and destroy mission. This first one is to set an example to those who are even suspected of terrorism. Do it one time and see if things quiet down. Then do it again at a random time, preferably at 3:30 am. Repeat until insurgents are all dead.


  4. It’s a small, mostly pacified county. There probably won’t be local businesses using radios for their normal operations (and if there are, you’d know who it is). I’ll also assume that cell phones are down. So if you RDF something, and it’s not your own guys, and it’s not the local law enforcement, it’s probably guerrillas and you can investigate further. But you don’t need to investigate too hard – you’re a communist who doesn’t care about casualties too much. So if a transmission was near a house, even if it’s not actually a resistance house, you’ll probably get away with disappearing them or shooting them all or whatnot.

    Looking at this from the resistance perspective, remember the usual advice. Don’t transmit for long, and don’t transmit from anywhere you care about (even by innocent bystanders that aren’t in your group).


  5. History informs us as to the mentality of the Communists, Asian cultures’ disregard for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. References Wikipedia: 1938 Changsa fire; Dzungar genocide; Gegenmiao massacre; And the Rape of Nanjing, by the Japanese, 1937. More recently, how did the COVID lock downs go in China. People jumping out of apartment windows due to starvation, after having the doors welded shut to the complex. Organ harvesting? Really?

    The Plan
    Send Antifa out, with 30 Chinese handlers’ that they may go forth and terrorize the local population, while gathering intelligence as to where the guerrilla force may be found. Rape, pillage, murder, as the above cited historical instances testify to. Sorry, this is just what they do. It’s what Godless people do whatever their nationality.

    Unfortunately for our PLA overlords, several members of the community that witnessed their families being raped, pillaged, and murdered, escaped and warned the guerrillas’ of what was going on. At which point, the brotherhood, to include their immediate family members, simply melted further back into the forest to fight another day, while the collaborators, stupid, and fearful, received their due recompense.

    The Communist strategy is already here.
    Presently ANTIFA, and BLM have an informal agreement with various levels of law enforcement, and Soros installed DA’s to terrorize the general population on behalf of, “Let’s Go Brandon”, Inc. You doubt that? Why is it that whenever ANTIFA attacks a law abiding citizen, predominantly, they go free; Yet if the law abiding citizen attempts to defend themselves, that’s who gets prosecuted. Rittenhouse, a case in point. Gee, you would think with all the surveillance capabilities law enforcement operates, they would be able to round these people up and put a stop to it in short order. Yet, when a pro-life center in NY gets torched, guess all those traffic cameras, and cell tower recorders weren’t working, again.

    Let’s consider the demographic of our TDG community, and in light of what we already know about the general population in our areas.

    Wikipedia, Shannon County, Missouri:
    Shannon County is a county in the southern portion of the U.S. state of Missouri. As of the 2020 census the population was 7,031; The racial makeup of the county was 95.05% White; According to the Association of Religion Data Archives County Membership Report (2000), Shannon County is a part of the Bible Belt.

    Out of a population that in 2020 was determined to be 7k and change there are only 15-30 guerrilla fighters? That sounds about right. Everyone else just adapted to life under Communism USA, version 2.0.

    Well, at least in your AO, the people are different.


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