Team Leader Class October 30-31, 2021by “Scipio”

If you ever thought about organizing or training a group for the eventuality of political and/or social upheaval, then that is leadership inside you self identifying.  If you want to learn how to lead your group, you need to attend Von Steuben’s “Team Leader” class taught by Mike.

Mike does a great job in classroom instruction as well as practical hands-on activities that will build your skills and confidence.

Whether your interest is in your family, your group, or your neighborhood, Mike’s class checks off all the topic boxes you will need to know.

Participants in my class were both male and female, young and older, experienced and inexperienced and all came away enriched by the experience.

Mike is very patient, and we were able to achieve at least minimal proficiency in what was taught. Mike tuned into each participant’s limits physically and comprehension, not leaving anyone without understanding what we were doing.

Not only did I learn much from Mike, fellow participants shared their wealth of experience and help.  A team was forged among us by the time we finished.

So, you can sit around with your buddies or in your own mind about what you are going to do when the SHTF, or you can actually prepare and train for it. What are you going to do? Start by attending one of Mike’s “Team Leader” class, you will be glad you did