Training Partners

The trainers on this page are people who put on good, quality classes. I teach what I know, but I don’t know everything. Train with as many good instructors as you can to make yourself as dangerous as you can be.

Stuck Pig Medical

TCCC and medical classes with a specific focus on care in a “partisan/survivalist environment.” Located in North Carolina, but travels around the country to teach classes.

Badlands Fieldcraft
Classes on “off grid communications, rifle marksmanship, survival and bushcraft, and small unit tactics as they might apply to those defending their rights, property, kith, and kin.” Located in the Redoubt Region of the USA.

Mason Dixon Tactical LLC

Small unit tactics and survivalist training with the goal of helping patriots “learn the skills needed to survive in a “Non-Permissive Environment”.  A great trainer who teaches specifically how to work with a team of shooters.